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Most people complain about one, few or all missing teeth. Many reasons can lead to the loss of teeth, which can have a substantial impact on your quality of life and health. Missing teeth can become a cause for jaw bone resorption. This happens because the bone is no longer regularly stimulated by chewing with natural teeth. Subsequently, this impacts on facial changes, i.e. wrinkles around lips and caving-in mouth and chin.

Dental implants are the best option for filling in a gap of a missing tooth and bringing back a smile to your face. This option counts more than 40 years of experience and is currently used and recognised as the most durable, successful and reliable restoration technique. Dental implants fill in gaps left by missing teeth and help to avoid deformations of jawbones and dental arches, poor aesthetics or digestive tract disorders caused by insufficiently chewed food.

A contemporary dental implant — an artificial tooth root made of titanium in the likeness of a natural tooth root. It is a small screw placed into a jaw and used for mounting a new permanent artificial tooth. Implants can be used for the restoration of one, few or all teeth.

A dental implant becomes a robust and reliable support comparable to a natural tooth root.

1. Ceramic crown 2. Gums 3. Dental implant 4. Tooth root 5. Jaw bone.

Options in the case of one or few lost teeth

The shortest possible time of treatment!

In the case of irreversible damage to one of few teeth, which means extraction, we suggest the unique dental restoration technique — instantaneous dental implants. Using this method, a dental implant is placed instead of a newly removed tooth. This can usually be done in approximately 10–15 minutes. Consequently, a dental implanting procedure becomes similar to a regular tooth filling. The surgical intervention is minimal, which means that a patient feels no pain, experiences no swelling or bleeding of gums, and there is no need to take antibiotics. A nice temporary tooth is mounted on an implant right away, so a patient can freely smile and chew food without any interruptions to work arrangements or social life. A few months later, the temporary tooth is replaced by the regular crown that looks the same as other natural teeth. Instantaneous dental implants allow shortening the time of treatment to the minimum and avoid sutures as well as additional surgical interventions.

Following a comprehensive consultation with a doctor implantologist and X-ray tests, each patient is offered the most suitable dental implant system (Nobel, Zimmer or Strauman), which have a lifetime warranty by the producer.

Options in the case of all missing teeth

People without most or all of their teeth, who previously had the traditional option of loose, wobbly and palate scratching removable dentures, now have a unique possibility to choose All-on-4 procedure.

For a full restoration of one jaw, four implants are sufficient for support instead of the traditionally used six or eight. This unique option essentially changes the process, time and cost of treatment. It allows bypassing complex bone augmentation and is considered a minimal intervention without pain, swelling, bleeding of gums or the need to take antibiotics. During one visit, four implants are placed, and new temporary or permanent teeth are mounted, which feel comfortable and fully restore the chewing function. Due to the simplicity of treatment, there are practically no age and general health status limitations. The restoration of teeth using the All-on-4 treatment method can be combined with instantaneous implants when the implants are placed as soon as the damaged teeth are removed. This is especially comfortable in the case only some unreliable teeth are still present.

Provided a longer surgical procedure is planned, or a patient feels anxiety or fear, sedation under the supervision of a doctor anesthesiologist can be suggested (the programme While You Were Sleeping).

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