Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Dental implantation
It is the most effective way to restore missing teeth, chewing function, and aesthetics
Restored aesthetics and chewing function
Designed to serve a lifetime
Improved appearance and self-worth
Results achieved in a single visit
Manufactured in Switzerland
Implantation possible under sedation (while asleep)

Worth knowing:

  • A dental implant is a substitute for a natural tooth root, typically made of ceramic or titanium, which is surgically placed into the jawbone in the location of a missing or extracted tooth root. Implants are used to restore one, multiple, or all teeth.
  • There are various methods to restore a lost tooth, but only implants allow for the complete restoration of both the root and the crown. Teeth are restored without grinding down or loading adjacent teeth. If needed, a temporary tooth or teeth can be attached to the implant, which will later be replaced with permanent teeth.
  • Dental implants offer advantages that cannot be provided by other tooth restoration options, such as dentures or bridges.
  • One of the major advantages of an implant is that it restores chewing capacity. Other solutions for replacing missing teeth, such as partial dentures, do not replicate the same biting force.
  • A dental bridge can last an average of about 10 years, while dental implants can serve a lifetime.
Dental implant (MEGAGEN) 690€
Dental implant (NOBEL BIOCARE) 800€
Dental implant (STRAUMANN) 800€
Ceramic dental implant (NOBEL PEARL) 1100€
Ceramic dental implant (ZERAMEX) 1100€
ALL ON 4 implantation system 3200€
Minor bone augmentation 200€
Moderate bone augmentation 380€
Complex bone augmentation 590€
Closed sinus lift surgery 590€
Open sinus lift surgery 890€
Opening the implant and screwing in the healing head 120€
Opening of ceramic implant and placement of healing abutment 200€
Success stories
Why is it necessary to restore missing teeth?
  • When a tooth is missing, the jawbone starts to lose volume and undergoes resorption, which means the jawbone begins to shrink. If an implant is not placed in the first years of tooth loss, the width of the bone may be reduced by up to 50% or more. In such cases, implantation is likely to be more complex.
  • When a tooth is missing, adjacent teeth may shift into the empty space, negatively affecting your bite, chewing, and appearance.
  • With the loss of multiple teeth, the thickness of the jawbone decreases, facial contours and appearance change, and excessive wrinkles may appear around the mouth, making a person look older. Dental implants provide similar support to your face as natural teeth, preserving your facial structure.
  • Teeth play a crucial role in producing certain sounds. If multiple teeth are missing, your speech may be altered. Since dental implants function like natural teeth, they allow for easy, natural, and clear speech.
  • Having a new beautiful smile improves self-confidence, self-worth, happiness, and, most importantly, overall health.
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