Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
One-stage implantation
Implantation where a dental implant is placed immediately after tooth extraction
Result that mimics natural teeth
No need to be without a tooth for even a single day
Shorter and faster healing period
Excellent clinical success
Treatment under sedation (sleeping)
Optimal ratio of price and quality

Worth knowing:

  • One-stage implantation is performed when a non-restorable tooth needs to be extracted.
  • A temporary restoration can be attached to the implant immediately, eliminating the need to be without a tooth.
  • The bone and gums are less traumatized. No incision is made in the gums. There is no need for a separate procedure for implant placement when the bone has already healed. It is one healing period.
  • Tooth restoration on the implant is faster. An average of 3 months is saved because there is no need to wait for the bone to heal after tooth extraction before implant placement.
  • It often avoids the need for subsequent extensive bone grafting procedures.
  • One-stage implantation is a reliable treatment method. When using properly designed implants, especially ceramic implants, the success of one-stage implantation is not inferior to delayed implantation.
Topical anesthesia 5€
Infiltration anesthesia 10€
Intravenous anesthesia 20€
Extraction of a permanent tooth 89€
Complex extraction of a permanent tooth 120€
Complex surgical extraction of a tooth 250€
Ozone therapy 20€
Dental implant (MEGAGEN) 690€
Dental implant (NOBEL BIOCARE) 800€
Dental implant (STRAUMANN) 800€
Ceramic dental implant (SDS) 1100€
Ceramic dental implant (NOBEL PEARL) 1100€
Ceramic dental implant (ZERAMEX) 1100€
Digital dental impression model 50€
Intraoral 3D scanning 150€
Dental impressions (depending on the material) 50-100€
Temporary PMMA crown on the implant 250€
Sedation with supervision of an anesthesiologist (up to 60 min.) 229€
Sedation with supervision of an anesthesiologist (up to 120 min.) 349€
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What are the advantages of one-stage implantation?

The main advantage of one-stage implantation is the preservation of the soft tissue contour in the area where the tooth was extracted.

Which implants are most suitable for one-stage implantation?

The most suitable implants for immediate placement are metal-free ceramic implants, which are durable, reliable, and immune-neutral.

What is the treatment process for one-stage implantation?

Immediately after implantation, we create and attach an individual healing abutment or temporary tooth, which helps maintain the shape of the gums as it was around the natural tooth. This achieves a highly aesthetic result that mimics natural teeth.

How does healing occur after one-stage implantation?

It may sound unbelievable, but healing after one-stage implantation is much easier than after tooth extraction without immediate implantation because there is no open wound after the procedure.

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