Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Professional oral hygiene
One of the most important and effective procedures for oral and overall body health
Crucial for your oral and overall body health
The oral microbiome acts as a "gateway" for the immune system, safeguarding your body
The procedure is essential for an aesthetic smile
The procedure is performed safely and gently
Utilization of ultrasound, ozone therapy, and other technologies
The procedure can be done under sedation for your convenience

Worth knowing

  • Recent scientific studies have shown that proper oral hygiene is highly significant not only for oral health but also for overall body health as it maintains a healthy balance of the oral microbiome.
  • A healthy, balanced oral microbiome performs numerous essential functions for the body, including protecting it from other disease-causing microbes. It serves as a sort of immunological gatekeeper, safeguarding our bodies.
  • Failure to perform professional oral hygiene in a timely manner leads to the formation of deposits (plaque) on teeth and surrounding areas, disrupting the balance of the microbiome. In such cases, the hard tissues of the teeth are damaged, leading to tooth decay. When periodontal tissues are compromised, infection sites called “periodontal pockets” form, opening the “gateways” for disease-causing microorganisms and their toxins to enter the body, bypassing the immune system.
  • By removing deposits from the tooth surfaces using ultrasound, followed by polishing with special brushes, polishing paste, and powders, the oral microbiome normalizes, maintaining good oral and overall body health.
  • At the “Aukštėja” clinic, ozone therapy is also used during hygiene procedures to normalize the oral microbiome. Ozone destroys disease-causing (anaerobic) microorganisms while enriching cells and beneficial bacteria with oxygen.
  • At the “Aukštėja” clinic, patients are taught individual oral hygiene and introduced to the effective “SOLO” oral preventive program. By correctly cleaning the teeth and interdental spaces using the “SOLO” method, the development of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral diseases is prevented.
Profesionali burnos higiena 69€
Profesionali burnos higiena (ortodontiniams pacientams) 85€
Profesionali burnos higiena iškart po breketų nuėmimo 120€
Ozonoterapija 20€
Mineralų aplikacijos (1 danties) 9€
SOLO profilaktikos programa 50€
Poliravimas (1 danties) 25€
Optrageitas 5€
Express dantų balinimas (20 min.) 50€
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Can oral hygiene procedures be performed during pregnancy?

Oral hygiene is particularly important during pregnancy. Increasing scientific evidence suggests that dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis in pregnant women can lead to low birth weight, premature birth, and other pregnancy complications.

How often should oral hygiene procedures be performed?

If you diligently care for your teeth at home, it is recommended to have professional oral hygiene performed twice a year. However, if you smoke or have any periodontal diseases, more frequent visits may be necessary.

How to properly care for teeth between oral hygiene procedures?

It is not enough to rely solely on professional dental cleaning. Teeth need continuous care:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and fluoride-free organic toothpaste.
  2. Clean the interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes.
  3. Visit for professional oral hygiene every 3-6 months, as recommended by your dentist or dental hygienist.
Is oral hygiene necessary if I wear braces?

Special attention is given to patients wearing braces because fixed braces and orthodontic appliances make oral hygiene more challenging and disrupt self-cleaning of the teeth. Therefore, oral hygiene should be performed as frequently as recommended by your dentist or dental hygienist.

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