Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Achieve a perfect smile comfortably
You will be relaxed and calm
You will be supervised by an experienced anesthesiologist
More procedures can be done in a single visit
Exceptional care for the patient and their needs
Ensured comfort during the procedures
Sedation can be performed for all dental procedures

Worth knowing:

  • Sedation helps to relax and provides complete peace of mind during dental procedures. The treatment becomes comparable to a pleasant dream. You will remain relaxed and calm. Patients often refer to sedation as “sleep dentistry”. 
  • Sedation is used to improve the tolerability of dental procedures for patients who tend to feel anxious or agitated before or during treatment. 
  • An experienced anaesthesiologist provides individual advice and selects the level of sedation based on the patient’s needs. During the treatment, they also monitor and regulate your blood pressure, heart rhythm and respiration. 
  • This option is particularly recommended for patients whose treatment plan targets more than one tooth in a single visit or contains other dental procedures, such as extraction of wisdom teeth, implant placement, increasing the occlusal vertical dimension etc.  
  • Sedation is available for all dental procedures. It is safe and comfortable for the patient and allows the doctor to provide more treatment in a single visit. If you feel anxious or tense about dental procedures, I recommend the sedation service we provide at our clinic Aukštėja.
Sedation with the presence of an anesthesiologist (up to 60 min) 229€
Sedation with the presence of an anesthesiologist (up to 120 min) 349€
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How should I prepare for sedation?

If sedation is planned, it is important not to eat for at least 6 hours and not to drink for at least 4 hours before the procedure. It is also necessary to inform the dentist about any medications, supplements, allergies, or adverse reactions.

What can I expect after sedation?

After the procedure, the patient quickly regains consciousness but may feel drowsiness or mild dizziness. The effects of sedation gradually subside, so it is necessary for the patient to be accompanied, prohibited from driving, and recommended not to plan any appointments.

How does sedation differ from general anesthesia?

Sedation is a mild suppression aimed at ensuring patient comfort during dental treatment. In contrast to sedation, general anesthesia is a much stronger suppression used for complex surgical interventions.

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