Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Sužinokite, kuri paslauga Jums reikalinga
Restoration of damaged tooth tissues, individual teeth, or tooth arches, restoring full chewing function and aesthetics
Beautiful smiles created with metal-free ceramics
Precise restoration of tooth anatomy and chewing function
Restorations maintain color, shine, resist plaque, and are more resistant to wear
Unmatched results with highly qualified specialist doctors
Digital dental impressions
Accurate results, easier procedures, speed, safety, convenience
We can provide treatment under sedation for your comfort (while you sleep)

Worth knowing:

  • Prosthodontics is the restoration of damaged tooth tissues, individual teeth, or tooth arches. The main goal is to restore full chewing function and aesthetics using minimally invasive techniques and biologically compatible materials.
  • Following a holistic approach, treatment starts with a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient’s stomatognathic system, utilizing advanced 3D digital dentistry technologies. These technologies provide detailed 3D radiographic and intraoral scanner images, enabling professionals to create highly accurate and individualized treatment plans. They allow for discussions on treatment stages, duration, results, costs, and other treatment alternatives.
  • Digital prosthodontics represents a new era in digital dentistry. The integration of digital 3D imaging, digital manufacturing, and software into diagnostic and treatment processes ensures greater precision at every stage of the workflow, providing patients with the best possible results in the most comfortable conditions.
  • One of the remarkable technologies is 3D intraoral scanners, which replace the traditional process of taking impressions by eliminating the need for impression materials in the mouth. This is good news for patients who struggle with gag reflex or stronger nausea.

Worth knowing 2:

  • Individual teeth can be prosthetically restored after root canal treatment, decay, or by accurately reconstructing damaged chewing surfaces or missing parts of the tooth. Prosthetic restorations are made significantly more durable and long-lasting using metal-free ceramic inlays, onlays, and crowns.
  • The most aesthetically pleasing prosthodontic solution in the anterior tooth region is laminate veneers. Laminate veneers are minimally invasive aesthetic restorations that preserve healthy tooth tissues. They are created using thin, multilayered, translucent metal-free ceramic veneers, resulting in beautiful smiles.
  • The restoration of a worn occlusion through prosthodontics is a complex, holistically-based treatment involving several specialist doctors. Functional restorations accurately restore all anatomical structures of the tooth, such as cusps and incisal edges, which are crucial for proper food chewing, correct occlusion, and maintaining a fully functional masticatory system.

Worth knowing 3:

  • Prosthodontics is the final stage of tooth, tooth arch, or full-mouth reconstruction. All restorations are individually fabricated for each patient following a comprehensive functional and aesthetic planning (mock-up) in a dental laboratory. Patients can feel secure knowing what results await them.
  • Prosthodontics on implants. Restorations are modeled and fabricated from zirconium oxide, which is biocompatible with human tissues, adapting to the contour of the gums. The upper part of the restoration is made of strong ceramic capable of withstanding high chewing forces.
  • For people who have lost all or most of their teeth, fixed implant-supported dentures are prosthetically fabricated on 4, 6, 8, or more implants, fully restoring chewing function and aesthetics. An individual nightguard protects natural and prosthetic teeth from fractures and wear.
  • Properly maintained prosthetic teeth will serve you reliably and for a long time.
Digital dental impression model 50€
Plaster dental impression model 30-60€
Intraoral dental scanning with a 3D scanner 150€
Dental impressions (depending on the material) 50-100€
Tooth preparation and temporary crown fabrication 200€
Temporary PMMA crown from the laboratory 150€
Temporary PMMA crown on an implant 250€
Lateral tooth crown/veneer Emax press, coloring technique 625-650€
Lateral tooth crown/veneer Emax press, layering technique 825-850€
Anterior tooth crown/laminate Emax press, coloring technique nuo 850-950€
Anterior tooth crown/laminate Emax press, layering technique 1000-1200€
Individual anterior tooth crown/laminate Emax press, layering technique 1500€
Full-contour zirconia crown on an implant 950€
Full-contour zirconia crown on an implant with custom abutment 1100€
Milled titanium framework with acrylic or composite teeth 4040€
Milled titanium framework with ceramic veneering 4940€
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